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2022 Impact Report

2022 was our biggest year of growth yet, as we launched our Paul Ramsay Foundation funded Impact 2 Innovate social enterprise/impact investment program, and worked with a wide range of corporates and Traditional Owner groups on their impact/ESGi projects as these businesses and organisations seek to better understand and align their impact and outcomes  into their strategic and operational environments.  

Through Impact Seed Partnerships we were also successful in securing funding for the WA Social Enterprise Council. We grew our key partnerships and leadership roles with organisations like WWF, B Lab and the new Meshpoints/Innovative Society, and also expanded our team.

The work of field/market building is challenging and a slow-burn, and measuring our impact as a field builder is a similarly evolving process.  We continue our journey to understand our  influence on the Western Australian impact investment and social enterprise markets, our partners, and our clients; And are proud to launch our 2022 Impact Report. Please click below to download the report.