Since 2015 Impact Seed has been committed to growing the market for impact investment and social enterprise in Western Australia.  We develop awareness of and grow capacity across these sectors through strategic initiatives such as supporting the development of the WA Impact Investment Alliance (2019), and the WA Social Enterprise Council (2020).

We also raise awareness of, education in, and support for impact investment, social innovation and social enterprise across government, corporate, not for profit sectors, and family offices in WA.  Occasionally we develop working papers and educational programs and materials through our engagement processes.  These are outlined below, including key papers from the national peak bodies.

  1. NEW: April 2024 – ESG Incubator Final Report  – Through 2023 Impact Seed led a collaborative team to explore ESG education for startups, with Western Australian partners including For Blue, Curtin University, Bloom, and Venture. The intention was for WA to take an international leadership role in this area. The initiative was sponsored by Meshpoints and Lotterywest.
  2. NEW: February 2024 – Council of Australian Social Enterprise Intermediaries (CASEI) releases the “5-Stages of Social Enterprise Development” – a unified language encapsulating the various stages in a social enterprise’s lifecycle to support collaboration and advocacy with funders and governments.

  3. NEW: February 2024 – WA State Budget Submission –  Innovation, Enterprise Development and Impact Investment for a Stronger WA

  4. November 2023 – WA Social Enterprise Mapping Project  (WASEC/Impact Seed Collaboration) – 2023 Updated Report
  5. December 2022 – Business for Good (Social Enterprise Australia)  Report on the size and economic contribution of Australia’s social enterprise sector
  6. April 2022 – WA Social Enterprise Council Policy Paper – The WA Government can support job creation and social impact outcomes through strategic support of WA’s social enterprise sector
  7. August 2020 – Impact Investment WA Alliance Policy Paper 1. Learning from Impact Investment in other jurisdictions to grow investment into economic diversification and social, cultural and environmental impact in WA.
  8. November 2019 – WA Social Enterprise Mapping Project – Preliminary Summary Report
  9. March 2019 –  Impact Seed Submission – The Role of Impact Investing in Achieving WA State Govt ‘Our Priorities’
  10. January 2019 –  Tackling the SDGs (Impact Investing Australia) Impact Investing from Australia: Tackling the SDGs in the Asia Pacific 
  11. December 2018 – Impact Seed Submission – State Government Budget Options Paper on Social Impact Investment in Western Australia
  12. November 2018 – Scaling-Impact (Impact Investing Australia) –  A Blueprint for collective action to scale impact investment in and from Australia (author: Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing)
  13. January 2017 – Impact Seed Submission to Federal Government Discussion Paper on Social Impact Investing
  14. November 2017 – Impact Seed Submission to WA State Government Innovation Industry Consortium

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