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Why Impact Seed

With a decade of on the ground experience working with WA impact entrepreneurs, businesses, government, funders, not for profits and Traditional Owner groups creating impact here in WA, we have developed a deep understanding of the landscape, drivers and challengers in strengthening capacity and capability to create lasting change.  We understand how these cut across the profit-for-purpose sector.

Deep West Australian Experience

Impact Seed is proudly West Australian with a strong network across business, finance, government and community sectors.  Our team is solely focused on impact in WA for WA. Partnering with Impact Seed brings our collective deep local experience, knowledge, capability and networks to bear on project with the WA community at their heart.

WA Impact Investment Leadership

Impact Seed has a strong history of deep engagement and development of the WA impact investment market, and leadership in community-led enterprises across regional WA.

Strong Regional Community Networks

Impact Seed has extensive experience in engaging both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal stakeholders and bringing them together through impact strategies and common outcomes frameworks. As a key element of the $20M WA Impact Fund, Impact Seed integrated regenerative farming investments into the mandate, and our networks in this space extend to Traditional Owners, growers, carbon experts, revegetation and landscape rehabilitation groups.

Proven Impact Credentials and Client Satisfaction

Our team has led some of Western Australia’s key enterprise development, and impact management and outcomes planning projects.. We also understand the importance of impact communications to support our clients in connecting their stakeholders to the impact and outcomes they want to achieve. 

“It was a really great engagement [on developing an impact strategy] . Impact Seed listened to my needs, prepared an easy to read brief, were patient to my schedule and produced great, readily-applicable report”

2022 Impact Report

(partner respondent)

“Without [Impact Seed market building], I’m not sure who else would have “owned” it. Yet, you’ve also deliberately created structures that try to ensure you aren’t always ‘at the centre’ of it, so it becomes dependent or too associated with you. In that way, you’ve changed the landscape and inspired many others to be active in it.”

2021 Impact Report

(partner respondent)

“Impact Seed supported a group of diverse philanthropic beneficiaries to find common ground for the purpose of gathering data to demonstrate our collective contribution towards funding impact objectives. This process helped everyone refine their understanding of impact and made reporting to our funders much more meaningful.”

2021 Impact Report

(partner respondent)

“Turning a grassroots movement into a sustainable organisation requires insight, understanding and big picture thinking. Sven from Impact Seed provided all these through his invaluable advice and support in establishing a strong foundation for the Plastic Free July Foundation. He asked pertinent questions, challenged our thinking and helped us to navigate our way through startup options to establish our new entity with clarity and purpose”

Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

Founder, Plastic Free July

“Very good tailored with plenty of support offered…Impact Seed were collaborative, managed relationships with stakeholders very well, prioritised impact and were patient and prepared for meetings.
Communication – both in keeping the organisation updated on the status of the work and also in communicating with stakeholders. Some consultants are too ‘academic’ , but in our experience with Impact Seed, they have had the right balance.”

2021 Impact Report

(partner respondent)

“[Impact Seed] has played a crucial role in ensuring the market isn’t compromised by opportunists and worked to create an inclusive environment that yields value based outputs. Without Impact Seed, the social enterprise and impact investing sector wouldn’t have anywhere near the profile it has now…”

2021 Impact Report

(partner respondent)

“Kylie and Sven were a breath of fresh air when we first meet in 2016. They truly understand social entrepreneurship and its importance to a successful startup ecosystem. Over the past two years, Impact Seed has continually supported us,, connecting us with a number of like-minded people and investors who understand social enterprise business models. Following the 2017 Impact Seed pitch night, we raised over $250,000 in seed investment. All of this was possible thanks to support and guidance from Impact Seed.”

Tyler Spooner

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